TV’s 10 Best Halloween Episodes

TV’s 10 Best Halloween Episodes


It’s finally October, and the season of falling leaves, carved pumpkins and ghoulish decor is upon us. While we plan the big night by buying candy and making important costume choices, there’s no better way of getting pumped for Halloween than by laughing along with some of our favorite comedy TV in celebrating the occasion.


Here are 10 of Comedy TV’s Best Halloween Episodes: 



  1. Community – “Epidemiology”



Greendale’s most lovable misfits find themselves in the middle of a zombie epidemic during the school’s Halloween dance, and it’s up to them to save their fellow classmates from the outbreak. Filled to the brim with zombie and horror film parody, an ABBA playlist, and hysterical life or death situations, this episode is a fan favorite.



  1. Bob’s Burgers – “Hauntening”


Bob and Linda take it upon themselves to put up a great horror show for their kids every Halloween, but when they fail to scare Louise again and again, they decide to up the ante by taking their show to a creepier location. Things begin to backfire when the family bites off more than they can chew.



  1. The Simpsons – “Treehouse of Horror ”



Every year, Simpson fans get a taste of the the dark and weird in their annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials. While each episode offers its fair share of the macabre in classic Simpson style, this first ever Treehouse of Horror featured a tribute to The Shining, a parody of The Twilight Zone and an unforgettable reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s Lenore by Homer. Definitely Something for everyone.

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  1. King of the Hill – “Hilloween”


While Hank — seller or propane and propane accessories — reminisces of the fun filled Halloweens of his childhood, his own son, Bobby, is being swayed into believing that to celebrate is to be a devil worshiper. Hank must battle church newcomer, Junie Harper (voiced by Sally Field) to bring the true meaning of Halloween back to Arlene before time runs out.



  1. Modern Family – “Halloween”


The Dunphy’s take Halloween so seriously it’s scary. Claire puts together an over-the-top haunted house with the help of her large family, but not everyone is into it. In true Modern Family spirit, the family learns what is most important — supporting each other no matter what.



  1. Key & Peele – “Scariest Movie Ever”


While Key & Peele isn’t technically a sitcom, they’re included because the hilarious duo takes Halloween to a whole other level. In season 4, Key and Peele take on serial killers and autopsies, but the one that most fans remember is a remake of a possession that is sure to leave you in stitches.



  1. Roseanne – “Boo!”



One of the highest rated and longest running sitcoms of the 90s, Roseanne and her husband, Dan pull out all the stops for Halloween. It was hard to top this season 2 episode, when the Conner family turned their home into a screamfest for trick-or-treaters. The surprises keep coming as Roseanne and Dan attempt to scare each other in their own scary contest. 

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  1. South Park – “A Nightmare on FaceTime”


Leave it to four kids in a small Colorado mountain town to provide social commentary. It’s Halloween season and Stan’s dad, Randy Marsh, decides to buy a Blockbuster franchise just when the video rental giant is fading into history. Forcing his family to work in the store during Halloween, Stan stops at nothing to trick-or-treat with his friends.



  1. The Office – “Spooked”


Manager of Dunder Mifflin, Andy, anxiously prepares his office for a visit from the CEO – a day which also coincides with the office Halloween party. The bar is raised for the awkward group of coworkers when costumes need approval and the party Erin throws isn’t grown-up enough. From start to end this episode oozes Halloween, even ending with a scary tale from the CEO himself.



  1. Frasier –  “Halloween”


 In typical posh fashion, Frasier and his family attend Niles’ Halloween party, only this time there is a secret that begins circling the crowd. In missteps and screw-ups, the Crane boys manage to get the facts wrong and make every mistake in the book, letting the cat out of the bag by the end of the night. Halloween will never be the same again.

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 -By Christina Persaud





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