The Nature of Horror

    In the horror genre, a setting only nature can provide is a vital tool used among storytellers. Whether on a page or a screen, a night sky can bring about fear. The darkness can leave one feeling alone and vulnerable, unable to see far ahead to protect oneself if need be. Rain invokes sadness, sunlight a sense of fresh beginnings and hope. Caves, trees, riverbeds and the many dips and turns of grass and soil are for the storyteller to sculpt, like clay to an artist.   The setting of a forest is a playground for all of nature’s….

The Ritual – Movie Review (Spoiler Alert)

    Do you have a love of the outdoors? Avid hiker, maybe? Kudos. Really, good for you. Oh – you’re a horror fan, too? Even better! Now… may I make a suggestion? Do not watch The Ritual. Just… don’t. Else, you might become a couch potato like yours truly.   The film, released in the UK in October 2017, made its debut to Netflix’s binge-watchers in February. It starts out with five men with a friendship stemming back to their alma mater having a good time over drinks. They get to the topic at hand – choosing the annual….