Taming Monsters with Guillermo del Toro

    As far back as the days of the sirens in Homer’s The Odyssey, horror fans have come to love and hate monsters. We gawk in awe at their brutish ways, but love when their stories fill our imaginations. With seemingly wicked nature, grotesque physical features, and violent demeanor harboring death and destruction to those who cross them, Thehouseofmonsters.com states that “The word monster is derived from the Latin word “monstrum”, which in [literal] terms means omen.” While most of us would be fighting with flight or fright, legendary director and creative mind Guillermo del Toro runs towards them —….

Boo! Madea Gives Fans Another Reason to Love Comedy Horror

  Many were surprised to find that Boo! A Madea Halloween beat out some of the biggest star-studded titles released in October. Starring the no-nonsense Madea, a former stripper and jailbird who puts anyone out of order back in their place while maintaining a nurturing heart, Boo! A Madea Halloween easily won over audiences as the film to see in theaters. The comedy earned $54 million by October 31, beating out Ron Howard’s Inferno (starring Tom Hanks) by $38 million in gross earnings. Tyler Perry, the creator and star of the Madea series, has seen varied success with his films. But….

Don’t Let Them Watch: ‘Channel Zero’

  The discussion on how much the media impacts, influences, and alternates our way of life is not a new one. Since the beginning of television, scientists from various fields of study have argued over whether or not television is, or has been, beneficial to its youngest viewers – children. Starting this October the Syfy Channel released its latest show called Channel Zero, a horror drama which has brought this discussion back into the spotlight once more. Written by Kris Straub, the show is based off a flash fiction piece submitted to the Creepy Pasta website as far back as 2012…..

10 of the Creepiest Folklores from Around the World

    We all love folklore, especially the type that makes us tremble simply by recalling a line. I remember listening to my mother tell my siblings and I stories which had been passed down generations, of ghost men on horses still clip-clopping at night through the streets of her hometown or the lore of a bleeding tree that, when cut, the ground shook and buildings threatened to fall. While these stories are truly imaginative, the horror that they portray feels real to the listener because it is very likely that the words are coming from someone they know, and may even look….

Exploring Non-Fiction for “The Exorcist”

    When The Exorcist was released in 1973, it changed the face of the horror genre forever. Hordes of fans from around the world watched in terror – a new kind of terror in which they had not experienced before. There were reports of people having to leave the theater midway through the film, no one had seen or heard such paranormal atrocities before. And it is true that to this day, with so many other horror movies that have come and gone, The Exorcist remains so unforgiving to its audience in its spectacular delivery.   The plot of the….