Stephen King’s 3 Categories of TERROR

  As horror fans and creators, there is no doubt that we rely heavily on certain emotional reactions from ourselves and our intended audiences. We either want to be scared, or to be the ones doing the scaring – successfully. But in order for this to occur, certain tools are necessary. We must cater to the senses.   One major sense or emotion we must trigger is the sense of terror, or “a very strong feeling of fear.” Let’s take a closer look.   “..the last and worse one… when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and….

Life Expectancy of the ‘Zombie’

    Zombies. They’ve been likened to dinosaurs in that they seem to have been around forever yet no one’s ever really seen one. The strange notion that a dead man can come back to life borders on horrific to gut-wrenching. The idea of a zombie can bring out a range of emotions, from outright fear at the prospect of death, sadness as you watch those you love perish as they themselves become zombies, and even empathy as these brainless beings who were once like you and me are reduced to a skin bag of bones hungry solely for flesh (preferably human, of course). Yet,….

The Side-Effect of Special Effects in Horror

    If you haven’t seen the 1993 Docudrama Fire in the Sky, arguably a true story, I suggest you put aside your plans for tonight, turn off the lights, and watch this with your hands partially covering your eyes. This movie has a scene, quite famous, which can make even the bravest of horror fans squirm in their seats. What makes this particular scene stand out? Roger Ebert explained, “They convincingly depict a reality I haven’t seen in the movies before, and for once I did believe that I was seeing something truly alien, and not just a set decorator’s daydreams.” And they did….