TV’s 10 Best Halloween Episodes

    It’s finally October, and the season of falling leaves, carved pumpkins and ghoulish decor is upon us. While we plan the big night by buying candy and making important costume choices, there’s no better way of getting pumped for Halloween than by laughing along with some of our favorite comedy TV in celebrating the occasion.   Here are 10 of Comedy TV’s Best Halloween Episodes:      Community – “Epidemiology”   Greendale’s most lovable misfits find themselves in the middle of a zombie epidemic during the school’s Halloween dance, and it’s up to them to save their fellow classmates from….

The Art of Giving Kids ‘Goosebumps’

    Ever since I was a kid, I would stalk the library shelves, my eyes scanning for a book in the Goosebumps series I hadn’t yet read. When I found it, I’d crack open its cover, my eyes falling too fast onto the first sentence. Easy, now. Time to get back to class. You’ll have plenty of time to devour this one later.     R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps, its many spin-offs, and over 300 books (183 being of the series), said that the books were initially aimed at girls, but after receiving as much fan mail from boys, the….

What’s the Story with American Horror Story?

  An anthological horror series and breakthrough in its own right, FX’s American Horror Story (AHS) has carried fans grimly through haunted edifices, serial killers, voodoo and witchcraft, monsters, and too many forms of torture to count. You would think they were out of material of the macabre by now – but you’d be wrong.   From the very beginning, show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk promised viewers a complete horror story self-contained in each season equipped with a new setting, plot and characters (played mainly by a recurring cast).   The first to send chills up our spines took place in Murder House (2011),….

The Witch and The Folktale

  (Spoiler alert.) Prior to watching The Witch (2015), the word “folktale” in its subtitle made me skeptical. I was afraid that the director, Robert Eggers, had snuck the word in as a marketing gimmick or that maybe I’d realize midway through the word had been genuinely misused. By the end, I found neither of these to be true.   The word “folktale” is a type of folklore and a form of storytelling that stems in cultural origin and assimilation, usually begun and passed down by word of mouth alone. Knowing the original creators of a story can be next to impossible, as with every retelling of….

The Horror in “It Can Happen to You”

  (Spoiler Alert) When Netflix’s crime documentary ‘Making a Murderer’ hit our devices and television screens in 2015, we were glued. We watched, genuinely interested and nosy like neighbors catching a glimpse into the house down the street that never leaves its blinds open. As the story unfolded, we still watched, growing ever more invested in finding out whether Steven Avery really was guilty or innocent of murder. Writers/directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos lead us, step by step, into the trials and the lives of Avery’s family and even into his mind as we held our breath, annoyed as each of the ten episodes ended while eagerly pushing….