What is a Poltergeist?

  Chances are, if you’re into scary movies and spooky books, you’ve heard of the ‘Poltergeist’. Belonging in the realm of folklore, the legend of the poltergeist has been passed down to new skeptics and believers as early as the first century. Tales of this strange phenomena are widespread, touching upon both eastern and western civilizations.   pol·ter·geist ˈpōltərˌɡīst/ noun a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.       The word ‘Poltergeist’ has Germanic roots, and stems from the German word poltern, meaning “to make sound” and….

The Warrens – A Hollywood Conjuring

  These days, there are no two figures within the paranormal research world with more celebrity status than Demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed Warren passed away in 2006, respectively, but his life’s work and legacy within the community lives on. His wife and investigative partner, Lorraine Warren at 91 years old, has pulled back from their work but is still very much a voice and an emblem for paranormal research.   Ed claimed that he spent his childhood years growing up in a haunted house. He stated: “My family would all go to bed and just around two to….

Short Film Review: Lion

    Year of Release: 2017 Starring: Pedro Sánchez, Michael Segal, Tania Mercader Written by: Davide Melini Directed by: Davide Melini   With five short films under his belt, Davide Melini has one more. Written and directed by Melini, Lion (2017) graced the international short film festival circuit, winning 128 awards to date. It’s tagline: “Evil has a new face!” does not do the film justice as it deals with the heavy subject matter of child abuse. Melini offers a creatively different way at viewing the somber topic of child abuse and neglect, one which will stay with the viewer….

The Nature of Horror

    In the horror genre, a setting only nature can provide is a vital tool used among storytellers. Whether on a page or a screen, a night sky can bring about fear. The darkness can leave one feeling alone and vulnerable, unable to see far ahead to protect oneself if need be. Rain invokes sadness, sunlight a sense of fresh beginnings and hope. Caves, trees, riverbeds and the many dips and turns of grass and soil are for the storyteller to sculpt, like clay to an artist.   The setting of a forest is a playground for all of nature’s….

Shhh! Movie Review for ‘A Quiet Place’

  When I sat down to watch the much-anticipated horror film, A Quiet Place, I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. The theater was full that night and I could hear the typical murmurs, shuffling and rustling of candy wrappers I’d come to expect during the previews. But once the film started, it didn’t take long before the noise stopped.   A Quiet Place is directed by John Krasinski (yes, that John Krasinski) who is best known for his role as straight man Jim Halpert in The Office (U.S. version). He also plays the dad in the film,….

7 Undead Creatures… including Zombies

    The mid-season return of The Walking Dead on AMC is upon us, and zombies are once again in the spotlight. But did you know that zombies are not the only creatures to reanimate? Here are 7 still kicking Undead Creatures…   1. Vampire     The idea of a vampire is shrouded in mystery and seduction. Armed with a taste for blood and two fangs, these humans turned into the undead have an unquenchable thirst. The vampire first appeared in mainstream western culture in 1819 with the publication of The Vampyre by John Polidori which preceded the grandfather….

The Ritual – Movie Review (Spoiler Alert)

    Do you have a love of the outdoors? Avid hiker, maybe? Kudos. Really, good for you. Oh – you’re a horror fan, too? Even better! Now… may I make a suggestion? Do not watch The Ritual. Just… don’t. Else, you might become a couch potato like yours truly.   The film, released in the UK in October 2017, made its debut to Netflix’s binge-watchers in February. It starts out with five men with a friendship stemming back to their alma mater having a good time over drinks. They get to the topic at hand – choosing the annual….